Privacy Policy

At cshool Inc. (hereafter referred to as “cshool”), adhering to the Personal Information Protection Law and any other applicable Japanese laws/regulations related to the protection of personal information, any personal information posted/registered at cshool's website will be handled carefully in the following manner.

  1. 1. Collecting Personal Information

    For some parts of contents, cshool may request users to enter personal information such as user names and email address etc.
    In addition, cshool may conduct questionnaires etc. in order to collect statistical information; however, they are references for future planning/administration and they are not for identifying any particular individual.

  2. 2. Protection and Management of Personal Information

    Cshool will strictly manage information contributed/registered by users for some parts of contents, in accordance with following guidelines.

    Only cshool's staff members are allowed to have access to information contributed/registered by users.
    Information collected via internet (comments posted, emails) or any other method (questionnaires, fax or regular mail etc.) is safely stored under strict control.

  3. 3. Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

    Information contributed/registered by users for some parts of contents will be used for developing improved services at cshool. Cshool will not disclose collected personal information to any third party without the prior permission of the user concerned, except for the following circumstances.

    Cases required by laws and regulations
    When it is required to protect the individual's safety, health and property, and it is difficult to obtain consent of the individual concerned.
    When it is required to cooperate with national/local governments and organizations (court, police department etc.), or executing duties under laws and regulations assigned by such organizations, and obtaining consent may interfere with the execution of such duties, as well as if cshool decides it is necessary to do so when requests were made by such organizations after required procedures.

  4. 4. Remarks Regarding the Access Records Accumulations

    When users visit cshool's website, information such as IP address and location etc. will be accumulated into data as records; however, cshool will not use these data except for the sole purpose of statistics and analysis.

  5. 5. Notes Regarding Posting Comments at Comment Form

    Cshool provides comment forms for posting comments at blog etc.; however, please be careful and do not casually post personal information such as phone number etc. because there is a possibility that any personal information posted there may be displayed as it is.

    Additionally, please be advised that cshool may delete any comments posted when necessary, if cshool decides that there are possibilities that the content of such comments may become abuse/slander towards any individual or specific group, may violate public order and morals, or may disclose specific personal information etc.